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Sep 1983 to Aug 1989
Children's Drama

7 Series - 90 Episodes


Varied by episode


Created by
Anna Home

Executive producer(s)
 Varied by episode

Varied by episode


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Episode Guide
Series One (1983)
  1. Mighty Mum and the Petnappers (TVS)
  2. Rip It Up (TVS)
  3. Venchie (Tyne Tees)
  4. Jack and the Computer (TVS)
  5. Because I Say So (Central)
  6. Bully for Cosmo (Central)
  7. Messages (Tyne Tees)
  8. The Young Person's Guide to Getting Their Ball Back (TVS)
  9. Sweet Revenge (Central)

Series Two (1984)

  1. Night of the Narrow Boats (Central)
  2. Fowl Pest (TVS)
  3. Dodger, Bonzo and the Rest (Thames)
  4. Que Sera (TVS)
  5. Stalemate (Central)
  6. Snoop! (Thames)
  7. Mr. Stabs (Thames)
  8. Josephine Jo (Central)
  9. The Purple People Eater (TVS)
  10. On Your Tod (Thames)
  11. The Old Firm: Two for Starters (Granada)
  12. Rachel and Rosie (TVS)

Series Three (1985)

  1. Easy (TVS)
  2. The Coal Princess (Tyne Tees)
  3. Look at Me (Central)
  4. The Young Person's Guide to Going Backwards in the World (TVS)
  5. The Audition (Tyne Tees)
  6. The Universe Downstairs (TVS)
  7. A Proper Little Nooryeff (Central)
  8. Frog (TVS)
  9. Private Eye (Scottish)
  10. Emily (TVS)
  11. Silver (Scottish)
  12. The Golden Conch (HTV)
  13. Purple Passion Video (HTV West)

Series Four (1986)

  1. The Come-Uppance of Captain Katt (TVS)
  2. A Couple of Charlies (Central)
  3. Wayfarers (Scottish)
  4. Play Acting (HTV)
  5. Last Days at Black Bert's (TVS)
  6. Maureen Reid, Where Are You? (Scottish)
  7. Flashback (HTV West)
  8. Direct Action (TVS)
  9. Waiting for Elvis (Scottish)
  10. Just a Game (TVS)
  11. Flyaway Friend (Tyne Tees)
  12. Pig Ignorance (Thames)
  13. Jessie's Place (Thames)
  14. Frankie's Hat (Thames)

Series Five (1987)

  1. Cannondrum (TVS)
  2. Snap (TVS)
  3. The Horrible Story (Thames)
  4. My Friend Julie (Thames)
  5. The Creature Beyond Torches' End (TVS)
  6. My Mum's a Courgette (Scottish)
  7. Brainwaves (Scottish)
  8. Undertow of the Armada (Ulster)
  9. Stan's First Night (Scottish)
  10. Living Doll (TVS)
  11. Peter (Central)
  12. The Halt (Central)
  13. Tam (HTV West)
  14. A Spirited Performance (HTV Wales)
  15. Badger on the Barge (Border)

Series Six (1988)

  1. Forever Young (Granada)
  2. The Macramé Man (Scottish)
  3. The Wrong Button (Central)
  4. Bubbles (Granada)
  5. Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night (Granada)
  6. Big T for Trouble (Tyne Tees)
  7. Room for One More (Scottish)
  8. Making Waves (TVS)
  9. Just a Normal Girl (Husson Productions for Central)
  10. Now You See Them (TVS)
  11. Bogeymen (TVS)
  12. The Alien (Border)
  13. The Secret of Croftmore (Scottish)
  14. The Bubblegum Brigade (HTV)
  15. Playing for Wales (HTV Wales)
  16. Snap Decision (Husson Productions for Central)

Series Seven (1989)

  1. Codzmorf (TVS)
  2. Ghost Story (Granada)
  3. Badger (Granada)
  4. Back to Front (Yorkshire)
  5. Monstrous (HTV Wales)
  6. The Pisces Connection (HTV West)
  7. Rosie the Great (Teliesyn Productions for Thames)
  8. Snakes and Loofahs (KPO Ltd/Border)
  9. Just Wild About Harry (Tyne Tees)
  10. Mitchin (TSW)
  11. In the Pink (Husson Productions for Central)



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