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Perfect Scoundrels Title Screen


Perfect Scoundrels Title Screen

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Apr 1990 to May 1992

Comedy Drama

The series followed the exploits of two very different conmen , the suave Guy Buchanan and the down market Harry Cassidy.

3 Series - 18 Episodes


Peter Bowles as Guy Buchanan
Bryan Murray as Harry Cassidy


Created by
Ray Connelly

Executive Producer
Graham Benson

Music by
Nigel Hess


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Episode Guide
Series 1
  1. Bad Penny Blues
  2. Blue Kisses
  3. The Milk of Human Kindness
  4. The Play's the Sting
  5. Sweeter Than Wine
  6. The Day of Jubilo.

Series 2

  1. Ssh, You Know Who
  2. Ah, the Sisters of Mercy
  3. The Carpetbaggers
  4. My Fair Daisy
  5. Grandmother's Footsteps
  6. No Thanks for the Memory

Series 3

  1. Party Games
  2. Dirty Tricks
  3. Last of the Few
  4. The Long Way Home
  5. Let No Man Put Asunder
  6. The Goodbye Look



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