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Toucan 'Tecs

The Adventures Of Zippi And Zac

Toucan 'Tecs

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Zippi and Zac are the Toucan ' Tecs and use all manner of flying machines to travel arounf the world solving crimes. Their main nemesis's are group of Ducks, dubbed "The Mad Ducks", led by a female duck called Red Leader.

26 Episodes


Voice Cast
 Phil Whitchurch as Zippi
Tony Robinson as Zac
Peter Hawkins as Samson
Kate Lee as Fifi


Directed by
Gary Hurst

Produced by
Naomi Jones

Exec Producer
Christopher Grace & John Marsden

Production Company
Cartwn Cymru


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DVD Releases
No DVD releases yet, but there are some VHS videos still available.

Episode Guide
  1. Arabian Knights
  2. Barmy Barn Dance
  3. The Big Drip
  4. Colour Crazy
  5. Crazy Golf
  6. Desert Island Ducks
  7. Dolly Rockers
  8. Down-Under the Weather
  9. Ducks and Dragons
  10. Gopher Gold
  11. High Flyers
  12. Highland Fling
  13. Ice Cream Scream
  14. Mad Ducks Olympics
  15. Magic Tricks
  16. The Ostrich Ball
  17. Pandamonium
  18. Peacock Palace Scoop
  19. Potty Pirates
  20. Prickly Problems
  21. Raising a Stink
  22. The Snail's Tale
  23. Soccer It to Them
  24. Swiss Roll
  25. Up in the Air
  26. Zac in Love



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