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The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perring Title Picture


The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perring Title Picture

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1976 to 1979

3 Series - 21 Episodes - 1 Special


Leonard Rossiter as Reginald Iolanthe Perrin
Pauline Yates as Elizabeth Perrin
John Barron as C.J. [Charles Jefferson]
Sue Nicholls as Joan Greengross
Trevor Adams as Tony Webster
Bruce Bould as David Harris-Jones
John Horsley as Doc Morrissey
Terence Conoley as Peter Cartwright (series 1)
Sally-Jane Spencer as Linda Patterson
Geoffrey Palmer as Jimmy Anderson
Tim Preece as Tom Patterson (series 1 and 2)
Leslie Schofield as Tom Patterson (series 3)
Theresa Watson as Prue Harris-Jones (series 3)
Joseph Brady as Kenny McBlane (series 3)
Patricia Hodge as Geraldine Hackstraw
Michael Fenton-Stevens as Hank Millbeck


Music Composed by
Ronnie Hazlehurst

Produced and Directed by
Gareth Gwenlan


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News Stories

14 Jan 2008 - Revival for Reggie Perrin comedy
The BBC is to revive classic sitcom The Fall and Rise of Reginal Perrin, with actor Martin Clunes in the title role.  (>>BBC News)


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DVD Releases

The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin DVD
The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin
The Complete Collection

Episode Guide

Series One (based on The  Death of Reginald Perrin) 

  1. Episode One (08-09-1976)
    Every day at the office is a little drearier for Reggie, and home life has problems. He takes his first tentative steps toward freedom.
  2. Episode Two (15-09-1976)
    Everyone thinks that Reggie needs a month's holiday. C.J. agrees -- and gives him the afternoon off. The weekend is no better with a nightmarish family outing in a safari park.
  3. Episode Three (22-09-1976)
    Elizabeth is away so Reggie decides to play and invites his secretary to join him. But fate in the shape of the family stops him from translating fantasy into reality.
  4. Episode Four (29-09-1976)
    Reggie, still without his wife, gives a dinner party with Mr. and Mrs. C.J. as the guests of honour. There is no food.
  5. Episode Five (06-10-1976)
    After a disastrous, drunken public speech, Reggie creates the world's first loganberry slick -- on C.J.'s trout stream and stages a suicide.
  6. Episode Six (13-10-1976)
    Reggie tries and discards various identities, ending as Donald Potts, jobbing gardener, ex-convict and ex-drunkard. He learns that Elizabeth is to marry again.
  7. Episode Seven (20-10-1976)
    As Martin Wellbourne, just  back from Brazil, Reggie woos and wins Elizabeth. C.J. makes him director of the newly created Reginald Perrin Memorial Foundation.

Series Two (novelized as The Return of Reginald Perrin)

  1. Episode One (21-09-1977)
    Tired of carrying on the masquerade, Reggie tells Elizabeth who he really is. Then C.J. finds out the truth and Reggie gets fired.
  2. Episode Two (28-09-1977)
    Reggie can't find another good job. Elizabeth is offered a job by C.J. but doesn't tell Reggie where she is working.
  3. Episode Three (05-10-1977)
    Life as the sole breadwinner causes problems for Elizabeth, who finally gets fired by C.J. Meanwhile, Reggie's job search leads him to an idea that will change his life.
  4. Episode Four (12-10-1977)
    Reggie opens Grot, which stocks things that are of no value whatsoever, and sells them at high prices to people who will find them of no possible use. He makes a fortune.
  5. Episode Five (19-10-1977)
    Perrin Enterprises goes from strength to strength. Reggie employs C.J. and all of his old colleagues as Grot goes into Europe.
  6. Episode Six (26-10-1977)
    Reggie, tiring of success, decides to destroy Grot and employs four men ideally suited for the job. They make the company even more prosperous.
  7. Episode Seven (02-11-1977)
    Reggie can do nothing to shock people and destroy Grot, so an extreme solution his welcome success is forced onto him -- the same action he took once before.

Series Three (novelized as The Better World of Reginald Perrin)

  1. Episode One (29-11-1978)
    Reggie finds success in business turning sour. So he decides to form a commune in which there will be no competitive spirit whatsoever.
  2. Episode Two (06-12-1978)
    The staff have been trained. The doors of Perrins are wide open. But where is the public?
  3. Episode Three (13-12-1978)
    The slow trickle becomes a fast one. The treatment the clients receive is amazing -- and so are the results.
  4. Episode Four (20-12-1978)
    Perrins is in full swing and communal social evenings produce scenes never before witnessed at 21, Oslo Avenue, Botchley.
  5. Episode Five (27-12-1978)
    Reggie's venture has become an enormous success, but how long can it last? Already there are ominous signs.
  6. Episode Six (03-01-1979)
    The community is under attack from within and without -- and  it seems that nothing can stop the rot.
  7. Episode Seven (10-01-1979)
    Reggie is offered a job at Amalgamated Aerosols, but the sweet smell of success still eludes him..

Boxing Day Special

  • Special five-minute episode aired during "The Funny Side of Christmas". No plot details available. (26-12-1982)



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