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July 2010

30 Jul - 'Five-0' exec: 'Show is not a remake'
Hawaii Five-0's executive producer Alex Kurtzman has revealed that he doesn't classify the show as a remake.

30 Jul - Moffat reveals new 'Who' details
Steven Moffat has revealed details of the upcoming sixth series of Doctor Who.

29 Jul - Sky set for 3D television launch
Sky's 3D television channel is to launch on 1 October with a mix of sport and movies, the broadcaster has said.

29 Jul - New 'Battlestar' spinoff planned
SyFy is reportedly planning a new spinoff from sci-drama Battlestar Galactica.

28 Jul - BBC to stick with 'Sherlock'
Sherlock is on the verge of being renewed for a second series by the BBC, the corporation confirmed today.

28 Jul - BBC announces 'Just William' cast
The BBC has announced the cast for its new adaptation of Just William.

28 Jul - Wallace and Gromit to star on 'Simpsons'
Wallace and Gromit will reportedly appear in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.

23 Jul - BBC News iPhone and iPad app launches in the UK
A BBC News app for the iPhone and iPad has been launched in the UK, the BBC has announced. (>>BBC News)

23 Jul - Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz try to unmask The Stig
Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have appeared on the BBC's Top Gear show. (>>BBC News)

23 Jul - Lenkov: 'Hawaii Five-0 not a one-off'
Peter Lenkov has insisted that the upcoming remake of Hawaii Five-0 has the potential to be a long-running series. (>>Digital Spy)

23 Jul - Michael C. Hall speculates 'Dexter' end
Dexter star Michael C. Hall has revealed that he has his own theories on how the Showtime drama will end. (>>Digital Spy)

23 Jul - 'Sherlock' writer defends new version
Mark Gatiss has defended the BBC's new Sherlock series. (>>Digital Spy)

23 Jul -New series of 'Hustle' begins filming
Filming has begun on the seventh series of the BBC's con artist drama Hustle. (>>Digital Spy)

23 Jul - 'Doctor Who' games available worldwide
International users can now purchase Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. (>>Digital Spy)

22 Jul -Wire tries to pen 'Doctor Who' script
Nicky Wire has started penning a script that he would like to submit for Doctor Who. (>>Digital Spy)

22 Jul - 'Doctor Who' fans want 'Simpsons' episode
Fans of Doctor Who are reportedly hoping that the show's characters will appear in a future episode of The Simpsons. (>>Digital Spy)

21 Jul - 'Family Guy' for third 'Star Wars' spoof
Fox comedy Family Guy will reportedly air a third episode poking fun at the original Star Wars trilogy. (>>Digital Spy)

21 Jul - Matt Smith 'nervous' about 'Who' proms
Matt Smith has admitted that he is nervous about this weekend's Doctor Who proms. (>>Digital Spy)

15 Jul - 'Sherlock' to play down drug use
Writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have revealed that new BBC drama Sherlock will not focus heavily on the great detective's drug abuse. (>>Digital Spy)

15 Jul - 'Friends' voted 'greatest sitcom'
NBC comedy Friends has topped a poll of the greatest sitcoms of all time. (>>Digital Spy)

15 Jul - New 'Torchwood' characters revealed
Details have been revealed of three new characters who will appear in the upcoming fourth series of Torchwood. (>>Digital Spy)

13 Jul - David Suchet teases 'lonely' Poirot
Poirot star David Suchet has revealed that the lonely nature of the Belgian detective will be explored in future episodes. (>>Digital Spy)

09 Jul - Five quits Project Canvas scheme
Five has pulled out of Project Canvas - the development of an internet-connected TV set-top box. (>>BBC News)

09 Jul - 'Sherlock' star 'threatened' by Ritchie film
Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted that he felt threatened by the success of Guy Ritchie's Hollywood film version of Sherlock Holmes. (>>Digital Spy)

09 Jul - 'Doctor Who' graphic novel for September
BBC Books has confirmed the launch of its first Doctor Who graphic novel. (>>Digital Spy)

09 Jul - BBC unveils 'Brilliant Book of Doctor Who'
BBC Books has confirmed the release of The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011. (>>Digital Spy)

09 Jul - 'Merlin' stars to appear at Comic-Con
Two of the stars of Merlin will appear at this year's Comic-Con event in San Diego. (>>Digital Spy)

09 Jul - ITV 'orders fifth series of Lewis'
ITV has reportedly ordered a fifth series of Lewis. (>>Digital Spy)

07 Jul - 'Merlin' star unsure of show's future
Merlin star Angel Coulby has admitted that she is unsure how long the show will continue. (>>Digital Spy)

07 Jul - Judge planning more 'Beavis & Butthead'?
Mike Judge is reportedly planning to revive his cartoon Beavis & Butthead. (>>Digital Spy)

06 Jul - 'Torchwood' comic to debut at Comic-Con
Titan has announced that its new Torchwood comic will debut at Comic-Con International. (>>Digital Spy)

05 Jul - 'Primeval' star teases fourth series
Primeval star Andrew-Lee Potts has revealed details of the show's upcoming fourth series. (>>Digital Spy)

02 Jul - British actor Andrew Garfield cast as new Spider-Man
British actor Andrew Garfield is to play comic book superhero Spider-Man in the next outing of the film series, it has been announced. (>>BBC News)

02 Jul - 'SGU' star promises 'exciting' new season
Stargate Universe star Brian J. Smith has revealed that there are some exciting developments in store for his character Matthew Scott in the second season. (>>Digital Spy)

02 Jul - BBC denies 'Who' movie reports
The BBC has denied reports that a big-budget Hollywood film version of Doctor Who is being developed. (>>Digital Spy)

01 Jul - Neil Gaiman 'Who' ep to air third in run
Neil Gaiman has discussed writing for the next series of Doctor Who on Twitter. (>>Digital Spy)

01 Jul - TV themes are hit UK music export
Theme tunes from shows like The Weakest Link and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? have been among the UK's most lucrative musical exports over the last decade. (>>BBC News)

01 Jul - Eric Cantona to star in 'Doctor Who'?
Eric Cantona is reportedly being lined up to star in a future episode of Doctor Who. (>>Digital Spy)

01 Jul - 'Smallville' character to return
Original Smallville star John Schneider will reportedly return to the show for its upcoming tenth season. (>>Digital Spy)



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